Finest Call Pre-Mixes

Sensory explosion

Developed with carefully selected fruits, Finest Call products guarantee a truly outstanding sensory experience.

Better quality

Finest Call cocktail pre-mixes are recognized worldwide for their quality and authentic taste. In addition to being vegan and gluten-free, they are Kosher certified, adapting to the most cautious palates.

World's best bartenders

Whether for a classic or a signature cocktail, Finest Call premixes delight bartenders who want to impress and surprise.

Elegance and practicality

An irresistible bottle, with professional tips that avoid waste. No need for dispensers, for quick and efficient preparation.

We started with a classic Bloody Mary filled with pure tomato juice, celery, garlic, onion and savory spices, then added a splash of habanero pepper – one of the hottest peppers known to man. This Bloody Mary is sure to get the spirit back in its stride. Enjoy neat or with vodka.

  • 96% California Roma Tomato Juice;
  • The intensity of this product comes from a high concentration of peppers, including habanero, the king of peppers.

Fruit: Tomato
Region of Growing: California
Variety: Roma
Total Juice Percentage: 96%

Unopened: 24 months
Opened: 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated.

Determined to achieve sweet and sour flavor perfection, we based this blend on the natural acidity of Granny Smith apples for a smooth, tart apple-tini. The flavor profile features a very clean sour apple flavor and is comparable in flavor intensity to leading liqueur versions.

  • Contains 8% Granny Smith Apple Juice.

Fruit: Apple
Region of Growing: Washington
Variety: Granny Smith
Total Juice Percentage: 8%

Unopened: 24 months
Opened: 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated.

What do you get when you combine natural tropical coconut with the best quality pineapple juice? Finest Call Mix of Piña Colada, an authentic and convenient way to serve this famous tropical delight. Refreshing and creamy, this piña colada wins test after taste test.

  • Made with Bakers® Premium Coconut Cream and the perfect level of Dole® Pineapple Juice;
  • 28% juice gives Finest Call Piña Coladas a made-from-scratch taste;
  • Contains pulp and coconut milk for a thick, creamy texture.

Fruit: Coconut
Growing Region: Philippines

Fruit: Pineapple
Growing Region: Thailand
Variety: Smooth Cayenne

Unopened: 24 months
Opened: 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated.

Experience the perfect combination of Mexican lime juice with a splash of natural lemon juice and agave nectar for a perfectly balanced taste between sour and sweet. We’ve added aromatic orange essential oils so you look no further than your favorite tequila to create a great margarita.

  • Contains lime juice, lime juice, premium orange extract and agave nectar to deliver an unparalleled margarita flavor;
  • Contains 8% juice from Key limes and Eureka and Lisbon lemons from California;
  • Smooth, refreshing flavor profile with a long-lasting head.

Fruit: Lima
Growing Region: Mexico
Variety: Key, West Indian

Fruit: Lemon
Growing Region: California
Variety: Eureka, Lisbon

Total juice percentage: 5%

Unopened: 24 months
Opened: 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated.

We’ve added simplicity to style by combining the essential ingredients of Cosmopolitan in a single bottle. We’ve created a blend of New England Cranberries, Key Lime Juice and Sweet Orange Oils with natural sweeteners for a Cosmopolitan you won’t soon forget.

  • A convenient combination of cranberry juice, lime juice and triple sec for quick and easy cosmopolitans;
  • 25.8% juice from a blend of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice and Key Mexico Lime Juice.

Fruit: Cranberry
Growing Region: Massachusetts
Variety: Stephens, Searles, Ben Lears

Fruit: Lemon
Region of Cultivation: Mexico
Variety: Persian

Total juice percentage: 25.8%

Unopened: 24 months
Opened: 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated.

We source authentic ingredients to deliver a mojito packed with natural peppermint oil, lime juice and pure cane sugar. Discover the convenient way to create this classic Cuban cocktail!

  • Refreshing flavor profile with lime juice, peppermint and refined sugar creating an invigorating experience;
  • 10% juice from Key limes grown in a limited region in Mexico.

Fruit: Lima
Growing Region: Mexico
Variety: Key, Persian
Total Juice Percentage: 15%

Unopened: 24 months
Opened: 12 months refrigerated, 3 months unrefrigerated.

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